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I am writing this latest post on a computer in a hotel, so I apologise in advance if it seems a bit dodgy as I am obviously not on the laptop that I usually use.

Yes. You guessed it. I am currently rocking up in Scotland!
I can safely say that me and my family have been to every corner of Scotland. In fact, when it came to picking were to go this time, we struggled to find a place that we had not been to. 

Anyway, I have been in Edinburgh.

I've been to this city before, but when I was much younger.
So this time, I really got a feel for the place and investigated more into what Edinburgh had to offer.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. Steeped in history with lots of hidden gems.

A gorgeous Scottish wedding gown.

'Rose Street' is famous for all of it's yummy restaurants, and 'Bibi's cake shop' which I had to take a picture of!

Whilst wondering aimlessly around the city, I came across 'Grassmarket'.  I thought I would have a look round, and I am so glad I did!

I found the most amazing ice cream place called 'Mary's milk bar'. The owner spent time in Italy I believe, training to make quality Italian ice cream. If you ever go to Edinburgh, oh my god get an ice-cream from here.

Grassmarket had a lot of interesting shops to offer, like the one above. But there was one shop that stood head and shoulders above the rest….

May I introduce to you...

It is without doubt, THE most amazing shop I have ever been in!
Everywhere you looked was crammed with vintage clothes, retro clothes and weird and wonderful objects. There was even things hanging from the roof! So you defiantly had a very wide variety of items to choose from. I did try on a few things, but sadly, they didn't fit me how I wanted them to so I came away empty handed. But what an experience! 

I then moved on to 'Cockburn Street' (how rude) to try and find another vintage shop that I had looked up online and luckily I found it!


A lot smaller than Armstrongs, but the quality of the clothes was equally as good. 

I actually looked up both of the vintage shops online before I came to Edinburgh. I highly recommend that you do so, because there really are some hidden gems in this city that you would not come across if you keep to the main track. My advice is to look up were each vintage sop actually is and then plan a route to each one… that is, if you want to go vintage shopping. 

Beauty buys now! 

Benefit goodies.

I already had the mini version of the mascara, and I think everyone in the world now rants on about how amazing it is, so I knew what I was buying basically!

I did also buy the 'Stay Flawless' primer, which I am yet to use, has anyone used it? What do you think?  Leave a comment below. 

As a free goodie, I also got a moisturizer which feels and smells gorgeous!

The above picture is of all the things I have bought whilst being in Edinburgh. 

A 'love potion' bottle ( I thought it looked pretty)
A bra from Topshop
My things from Benefit
Some braces from 'The Frayed Hem' vintage shop.

I have really enjoyed my stay in Edinburgh. 
Definatley a good place for shopping!

Whilst being away, my posts to be uploaded at random times, as it will massively depend on when I can get on a computer. So stay tuned !!

Talk soon, hopefully!


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