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It's a super quick, informative post today, just to let you know what's what.

Basically my A-levels are coming up very soon, way to close for my liking, so revising and doing work has become my absolute number one priority. This means that blogging has had to take a back seat in the recent weeks. I thought I would be able to manage juggling both revising and blogging, but it's a bit too difficult atm, and I really do not want to be uploading material that I am not 100% happy with.
To all of you who are in the middle of doing exams at the moment, be it GCSE's AS levels or A-levels or even dissertations, I wish you all the very best of luck.
To conclude...
1. I am NOT GOING ANNYWHERE, just hibernating for a few weeks until I have chance to do anything that doesn't involve revision notes or flashcards.
2. I love each and everyone of you who read/follow my blog, oodles of love to you.
See you on the other side!
(or whenever I have a spare minute to blog, instead of being buried in revision notes on English language, English literature, or Classics! )
Revision hair = a TopKnot

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