Off on holiday...

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The title is self-explanatory really.

I'm going on holiday for just under two weeks of sun and relaxing and chill time with the family. I feel as though we have all been really busy recently, so this will be the perfect occasion to spend some quality family time together.

I did have the idea to do a 'holiday packing' blog post...but in true Emmie style, I left packing till the last minute so didn't have time (hence the reason I am sat quickly typing this in bed now before going to sleep to be up again at half four in the morning!)
I am planning to do a few outfit posts whilst I'm away, so get ready for them when I get back. They are my favourite after all.

I apologise that just as I come back after having a huge blogging break for exams I am now going away again! But hey, I deserve a holiday after the beastly exams I have just had to sit.

I jet off tomorrow (the 23rd) & I'm back on the 5th of July; hopefully with a picture filled post of where I went and what I got up to!

So excited!
love and hugs



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1 comment

  1. That sea looks amazing, I need sun too! haha