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As a little 'well done for being a good kid' present, my mum bought me the new Marc Jacobs fragrance- Daisy Dream.
I've seen a lot of youtubers doing something called 'the dreams tag', to correspond with this fragrance that they were kindly sent. So that is what I am doing today!

1. What are you currently day dreaming about ?
Honestly, I'm day dreaming about my future career, and being paid to do something that I love for a living and living in a cute little house and being all happy and chilled.

2.What three items live in your dream wardrobe?
First would be some white capri high waisted trousers in a red lip print. Second would probably be a really good quality, expensive trouser suit (maybe in a navy or a dark green colour). Third would be an amazing pair of designer shoes.

3. Who is your dream celeb look alike?
I think I've got to hand it to the Olsen twins. Always on point. Always impeccably dressed.

4. In your eyes, who is currently living the dream?
Anyone who is happy in themselves and happy in their life and who can continue to be happy by doing something that they love and be able to live off that.

5. What do you dream of more, love or money?
I think I'd better say love, but it would be nice to own a dark green Bentley one day, so money as well!

6.What is my dream holiday escape?
It depends. If it was at Christmas time, my dream place would be to get myself and all my nearest and dearest to stay in a big country house in England and it would be snowing and feel all festive. If it was in summer, it would 100% be somewhere with a private beach and an amazing villa with cute little market towns.

7.What would be your dream collaboration?
I'd love to be asked to write a piece for ELLE magazine, or perhaps Company magazine...or just anyone really! Or to be featured in a magazine for what I was wearing or something!

8.Have any of your child hood dreams ever come true?
I still class myself as a child really, so no, not yet :)

9. If one of your dreams could come true right now, what would it be?
Perhaps the one where I win the lottery and live happily ever after in a MASSIVE country house.

10. Name the weirdest dream you have had?
I have a pretty big collection of weird dreams, but definitely one of the weirdest dreams I have had that I can remember is that I was in my old primary school hall and Red Foo from LMFAO said I had really nice toes.
What a charmer.

If you go on the Marc Jacobs website you can create a 'dreams capsule' that they will send to you at some point in the future!

Here's mine that I did.

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