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So I bought this pendant many moons ago; whenever I'm looking for jewellery to sling on one day I always find myself reaching for this. I love the different tones of blue it has and how they seem to look like a combination of waves and clouds.
As you may know, I love to hoard magazine cuttings. This season I'm loving the androgynous vibe that, thankfully, has decided to stick around. I'm also after a coat with the 'dressing gown' effect this season, like the one in the picture above. Ooh and grey tailoring of some kind! I've also included a Whistles tag because I have a £25 gift voucher that is valid until the beginning of November, so my evenings are predominantly spent searching their website in search of a bargain...yes I see how I am being optimistic.
What is a monthly favourites without ELLE magazine? Anne Hathaway on the cover of my subscribers edition looks divine. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the November issue, there were so many clothes that I liked and so many interesting articles to read. My favourite was an interview with Simone Rocha, who has become one of my favourite designers.
I recently finished my latest read: 'Elizabeth is Missing' by Emma Healey. I am a sucker for a good thriller/murder mystery book and luckily this one did not disappoint! There is a duel plot line that runs throughout the story, both filled with mystery, and then right at the end they both unexpectedly but amazingly entwine and I was absolutely gripped from the beginning! A must read for anyone who enjoys a thrill.

Bit of a random one, but I have really being enjoying drinking more water recently! I can not stress how important it is to keep hydrated throughout the day. Whenever I'm feeling a bit head-achey or a bit lethargic, 9 times out of 10 it is because I haven't drank enough water. In the morning, I have started sipping warm water as a way of trying to waking up and instantly feel good. Plus, for all you beauty bloggers out there, it works wonders on your skin!

In order from left to right:

NO7 'Beautiful Skin' BB cream // I don't like wearing foundation for day to day purposes, so I switched back to my old BB cream which I used to wear for school. This one from NO7 leaves my skin feeling super smooth, as well as providing a coverage that lasts all day with the help of a primer.

 Rimmel Stay Matte powder // My face tends to go quite shiny in areas when I have applied my makeup. So to make sure it all stays in place, I have been using this translucent powder from Rimmel. I have definitely seen an improvement since using this product, and would recommend to anyone else out there with normal/oily skin.

Clarins 'Lisse Minute' Base Comblante Instant smooth perfecting touch // I. Love. This. So. Much. I found this in my makeup bag a few weeks ago and have been using it non stop ever since. It does the same job as the Benefit Porefessional but better!  The tub I have at the moment is a tester size, but I hope they do larger ones because lord knows I need this product by the bucket full!

Mac matte lipstick in the colour 'Honey Love' // For all you Mac lovers out there, I have done a close up on the lipstick for you...

My criteria was, 'natural toned and long lasting'. I have not been disappointed. I love the colour of this lipstick, which is most like the 'Velvet Teddy' one that everyone has been raving about recently. Plus, the lipstick smells unreal! Has anyone else ever noticed this!? If not, give your Mac lipsticks a whiff because I'm sure I'm not going mad.

I have been lighting more candles since Autumn has settled in, and this one from Yankee Candle is one of my favourites.  This one is perfect at giving off an understated vanilla smell which doesn't become too overpowering. I'm not a fan of sweet candle scents, I prefer warmer tones and spices so a lot of the candles I am lusting after at the moment have names like 'Honey Spice' and 'Amber moon'.

P.s this was my outfit for the day. I love layering my turtle neck jumper under things like this gorgeous white lace top. Also threw on some jeans for good measure.

My hands hurt after all that typing..

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  1. Great post, I can't get over how amazing your dresser is! x

    The Belle Narrative