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Sunday is usually a day to take things at a slower pace and relax with a good selection of magazines and things to do. Today I have had my candles burning and Michele Buble singing Christmas songs to me, whilst I read my ELLE magazine and a few other fashion articles as well.

Mum insisted that we had to have the Christmas tree up on the 1st of December, so my house is already full of festive cheer. This wooden Father Christmas hangs on my door handle and has done every year since I can remember. I am so excited for Christmas this year; with friends coming home from university everyone will be back in one place for a few weeks so lots of merriment can be had!
 When the nights draw in like they have been doing recently, I love lighting  my candles on an afternoon and setting a cosy ambience. These two have been my favourite at the moment; the red one is by Yankee Candle and is called 'Christmas Eve' and the other one is called 'Honey and Spice' (also by Yankee). They complement each other really well and make a pleasant aroma long after they have been blown out.

One item on my wish list for  Christmas is a book I saw in Waterstones named ' 100 Ideas That Change Street Style'. I am a massive fan of street style. I think that is where the greatest source of inspiration for fashion comes from; it is much less intimidating than seeing it strut down a cat walk. One day I would love to take to the streets in cities around the world, camera in hand, and snap some amazing outfits that I saw. 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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