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Photography has never really been of great interest to me until I created this site and naturally started taking more pictures to accommodate my blog posts. Like most people who start a blog I began by simply  using my phone camera, my awful quality and blurry phone camera. At the time I didn't see any need to upgrade; I didn't know if I would be keeping this hobby up and why waste money on something that you are hardly going to use.

Fast forward a few months and I started taking more pictures on a different phone, which had a better quality camera. This upgrade was only slight, but it made me feel a lot more confident about my content; people could start to actually see some detail in my outfits for once.

A few weeks ago I was allowed to borrow my uncles' camera, his professional ultra megapixel snazzy camera...and I was hooked. I immediately realised how much more professional it all looked. So I decided that it was definitely time to invest in a new camera.
Which lands us at the present. The here and now. From now on, all will be seen through a lens of perfection with a crystallising filter that hopefully will draw you in even more to the content I continue to create.
Hence, the idea of being 'reborn'. I just have to figure out what all the buttons and clicky things do.
The model I have bought is the Nikon D3200


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