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In terms of social media, I definitely stick to the basics; i.e. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
So when I was approached back in July by the Fashion Manager of 'Cloth App', and asked to do a collaboration, I was very excited indeed!
'Cloth' is a new fashion app for the iPhone, where you can upload and create a virtual wardrobe to store all your favourite outfits; being organised has never been so easy! When you upload, you can choose different settings such as event and weather which tailors each outfit for a particular need; if you want an outfit for the evening but it's freezing outside, simply log back through your wardrobe to pick an outfit to suit the event.
Also  if you are an avid follower of street style like myself, you can search different tags and find inspiration through the very latest outfits to hit the streets.
It's quickly becoming one of the leading fashion apps available, and it's absolutely free to download!
My collaboration with 'Cloth' is on-going at the moment and I actually did an interview with them on their website which you can see HERE.
My cloth user name is emmielois so be sure to follow me when you download the app. I also have a little purple banner on the bottom of every post I upload saying 'featured' so you can spot me even easier!
 I have another exciting blog post coming soon so stay tuned! Hopefully it should be up before the end of the week !

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